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The Nansha Grand Hotel is situated in Guangzhou's comely new Nansha Garden community,  and stands adjacent to Nansha Harbor,  while putting guests wihin an hour of Hong Kong,Macao,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Zhuhai.This Guangzhou hotel's spacious guestrooms come equipped with modern facilities including LCD TVs.The panorama restaurant is perfect if you like to combine spectacular views of the sea with a good meal.[View Detail]    

住客评论 1547条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • NN babe
    Good location, facilities, service was poor
  • beibei210
    Hotel very nice, cheap traffic, the environment elegant, polite service people, and genuine, the feeling of a home away from home, the room was clean, the facilities are ready, is a nice vacation in San Diego.
  • nice_ming
    Has again ~ as always, good!
  • angeljan2008
    Good, facing the Pearl River, backed by mountains
  • ilily7
    Nice but expensive when set, no meals
  • ijfair
    Hotel occupies a very large area, near the Embankment Road, very comfortable
  • Soldie
    Second stay, nice restaurant, produced great, unfortunately the bad weather, no swimming
  • lilan0715_cn
    Nice recommend to mountain view to mountains sea sea view room is almost boring in Humen bridge, spacious mountain view pattern. but this hotel no ironing board and iron in the room!
  • E04011375
    Beautiful surroundings, seafood market are many, and cheap.
  • fbboyno
  • adammao
    Business, prices are slightly more expensive, breakfast is not included in
  • duanxiuna
    Nice, nice
  • limufeng
    Which is very nice. Which is very nice
  • wangpei
    Within a radius of 10 km there are no consumption facilities. as if into the sanctuary. equipment is also good, for a vacation, business travel care occupancy.
  • oliverstone
    Room was big and very clean, beds very comfortable hotel staff very nice will take the initiative to ask for help is close to the port of Hong Kong is very convenient entrance of subway
  • LinFangTing
    Environment, air, breakfast a bit disappointing
  • forgforg
  • alan6
    Well, the service is good, food is fresh, value. see Pearl River East, win; Wang Qiao Tong on both sides, thunderous.
  • anyanruining
    Is really a great five-star hotel, big rooms, good facilities and high standards of service. are spring, summer, and Autumn Festival holidays the place to have the opportunity again.
  • liubo0610
    Hotel room design and comfortable, bathroom is spacious and comfortable, pleasant scenery outside the window is a great place to relax.
  • Jenny0105
    Environment is very good, very quiet
  • bambidd
    Nice scenery but too cold!
  • wj11192000
    Old facilities
  • e01935093
    Prices are slightly more expensive, inconvenient transportation
  • liujia19821220
    Old facilities
  • bluelotus80
    Sea view room is really quite good, room facilities are also available, quality ... service is slow.
  • E00502445
    Great hotel, highly recommended!
  • jessi8699
    It's not bad
  • jerryjull
    Services, locations far
  • lyratian
    It wasn't too bad
  • a417236932
    Service is very good, swimming is great, very large private garden
  • wu2580
    location is good,decoration become old ,need to rebuild!not enough staff & technician at spa,breakfast is expensive!
  • dirolo
    Well worth a visit
  • nings6
    Hotel swimming pool is quite good
  • mattduo
    Very good
  • lamterrence
    Nice hotel, service, travel inconvenient, taxis at the hotel called the expensive
  • anrong
    The location of this hotel is good. It is closed to the Nansha port and convenient to travelers. The hygiene is good. The receptionist at service desk can understand English. I will choose this hotel when I travel to Nansha next time.
  • amanda7504
    Running a bit low at the front desk and check in queue for half an hour, the room towels old and are a bit tattered. suggestions are outside the hotel buffet, drink tea, cheap and delicious.
  • gan2004
    Hotel is very good, buffet is less. but the good place for vacation!
  • aileenxie
    Second times staying the hotel, this for front desk service is disappointed. National during compared other hotel here people not is more, but service consciousness insufficient. to hotel has is 15:20, set two between room, only to a between, front desk manager throws a sentence 'not know when has room, I and not can help you make health ~ ~ ~ ~' we with three a child, cannot endless waiting for, let other to a time and the as timeout also not to room how processing. front desk manager said 16 points to room, bearingConnaught to can't on upgrade. four points after no received any notification. playing four times phone, drag to 16 points 30, finally has room, but and no according to commitment of to upgrade, call to negotiations only something. other didn't want to more said, hope front desk manager know you not representative personal, you is representative Nansha big hotel, a Deputy prepared with customer on with dry of attitude, wants to how does? hope hotel can strengthening on customer service personnel of training, let guest has pleasant of feel.
  • Jesster
    A few times, very good hotel, room overlooking the Humen bridge, pool area great, children have fun, good choice for family fun. inadequate facilities is a bit dated.
  • Bryanrage
    Second times to has, Nansha big hotel to I of impression is is, surface Shang bland, is is has connotation. lobby in of reception Member always surface with smile, this and stuffy and hot of weather was is people annoying of, but into to has hotel, reception Member on to people as Mu spring of feel, really praise! second, here of buffet really of is boutique, price moderate, materials fresh, for love eat seafood of I for was too cool has; then is had to mention of swimming pool has, from room toOutside see has a wants to jumped down of impulse has, because is too beauty has, if not next of tree, I are thought swimming pool with sky even in with has, although I is half only dry duck, but in inside swimming didn't any does not apply of feel, also can in water Xia open open eyes, this water is has more clean Ah! addition in leisure center has fitness facilities, sauna room, set down, a week of fatigue swept away, special to said about inside of ice fire pool (seems is called this), that feelIndescribable, very special, HA HA! was on a business trip is a dull boring thing, but staying at the Nansha Grand Hotel, all the blues away, both kind of hometown, and luxurious but not tacky enjoy! the last hope of getting better and better!
  • E00233255
    A very good environment
  • lexli
    Room was old decoration are bad in many places, swimming pool
  • cdoracle
    Environmental aspects are good, service is also very good, recommended
  • gammad
    Great restaurants produced excellent.
  • A2008769569
    Second, staff from the front desk to welcome is still a little cold, not warm. But give me a free upgrade from mountain view to the sea, but that is because the mountain view twin room no I strongly urge. rush is good for this. breakfast is cheap to add 15[%] fee, Hall, Chinese food is average and the entrance, not to eat. pool is beautiful and worth going to.
  • wuwei1989
    Environmental services are quite good, may be close to the sea, room bedding is a little damp.
  • Jil Sander
    The room stinks, complaints do not have to follow up
  • MuiMui
    Service, 5 star is not the same. entertainment facilities, swimming pool is very clean.