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The Nansha Grand Hotel is situated in Guangzhou's comely new Nansha Garden community,  and stands adjacent to Nansha Harbor,  while putting guests wihin an hour of Hong Kong,Macao,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Zhuhai.This Guangzhou hotel's spacious guestrooms come equipped with modern facilities including LCD TVs.The panorama restaurant is perfect if you like to combine spectacular views of the sea with a good meal.[View Detail]    

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  • pangxiong55
    Five-star hotels, Samsung services. a conditioner to said right away, ask when will it be delivered, saying that our hotel does not offer conditioner. speechless
  • apple_best
    Old hotel, we booked a sea view room ... a bad smell.
  • ronglulu
    Very warm and clean, like a 'family', the service is also very good, hotel was quiet at night! come in, will have a very comfortable feeling. Proposal hoped that the hotel staff could smile more?!
  • mountain
    Have stayed several times, services and environment are good.
  • applexie1
    A large hotel, a five-star hotel is a luxurious, the stay was very satisfactory
  • e05583262
    And we think it's great
  • wendywuwen
    Room design is very user-friendly, and a good sense of space, without reservation to the perfect score. limitations; carpark entrance indicate obvious enough, Chinese restaurant tea production speed should be improved.
  • lly2307
    Tough, five-star hotel
  • d05157844
    Feel great!
  • cweiru
    Five-star hotel health only value two star, just to on found room in has two only cockroaches body, has variable dry has, is didn't people found, imagined is has long didn't make had health, also has gum and with had of tissue (this forget has photo) at are didn't wants to had to room, really regret! actually second days in toilet found has a only living of big cockroaches, this is God horse situation! TV Middle has a circle white of! called people how see! we was no complaints, may too kind has! alsoOnce overheard through the next room guests say: do not sleep at night until midnight and leak it! also leaking! it's smarter hotels! the only satisfaction is only that big open air swimming pool, will not stay this hotel again!
  • infinitygui
    Hotel facilities are OK, good environment, like the jogging trail
  • amilie_nvnv
    Ocean view landscape good, buffet not much variety, but of good quality. the room didn't do well, the old bathroom towels are not collected
  • wblxn
    Very good, eat
  • jglin
    Old hotel, great, service indifferent
    Is one of my favorite hotels, to come to more than twice every year, either in terms of facilities and services the hotel is very good, near the Lingding Ocean, air quality is very good, very beautiful!
  • beitasiman
    1. booked a sea view room, but we are headed north, to the Humen bridge River view! 2. the facilities of the swimming pool, lounge chairs rarely, many of which have different degrees of damage; off-peak lifeguard gather to chat, as well as guest Chair. 3. the pool bar varieties, West point is very long! 4. morning tea and dim sum varieties, produced; 5. the hotel great location, many seafood restaurants around.
  • lisir
    Surrounding Nice is the traffic is not very convenient, self-driving tour can be considered. or by boat in Hong Kong and Macau is also very convenient, right next to a pier.
  • garmendu
    Environment is good, is a bit far from attractions.
  • alinay
    Nice ocean views
  • m00101542
    Accommodation very good, clean rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, very nice, few people enjoy the feeling of the whole venue, tea tastes good, recommend.
    Hotel garden with two large lawn, walking on the edge very comfortable. swimming pool water has settled, not many guests, children have a good time. the facilities of the room is a bit old, but good health. buffet dinner of salmon, and fresh ... but a little less.
  • lyalexJoe
    Hotel also good, children in swimming pool in play have happy. Unfortunately Beach no beach. in front desk to room Shi somewhat twists and turns. we is and elderly with to, requirements live in same layer, convenient care, front desk white clothes men said no, and the men attitude is stiff (from a began on stiff). later active to has one black clothes ladies, to we arrangements has same layer, very thanks she of help.
  • cc07084213
    Sheets is very wet, the room environment is very beautiful.
  • caltex
    All right
  • e04292559
    Best hotels in Nansha, the venerable. right next to the ferry terminal, port in Hong Kong is very convenient. the breakfast good value for money hotel, Hong Kong. the hotel is a bit old, it is recommended that replacement in due course. near the subway construction, little impact.
  • fennel2008
    Environment, fresh air, the outdoor swimming pool is the largest bright spot, enough good quality suitable for exercise, room clean, garage have someone on duty, suitable for people like quiet little resort.
  • barbiesoft
    Air conditioning was freezing, garden with private banks, and greening the entire piece walking better, than most hotels outdoor swimming pool.
  • e00437160
    Accommodation very good, clean rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, very nice, few people enjoy the feeling of the whole venue, tea tastes good, recommend.
  • early0302
    Spacious and bright, like most on the sill of the jiangkou. comprehensive hotel facilities, resort worth a selection
  • tingdaxiaojie
    Very good hotel, good service! invincible sea view, will continue to come!
  • goufu
    Location article can, hotel facilities, equipment was getting old, the service never before, have poorer health than before, price low, some disappointment, renovation
  • coopergu
  • ccoolpoon
    Pool is good
  • Fulailiao
    Well in the lobby, the facility is a bit old, the overall General
  • laoniu
    Sea view room were hot
  • ivan_bin
    Good hotel swimming pool
  • Olivewood
    Is quiet situated, air environment excellent, has a article hundreds of meters of beach Gallery, along Beach walking, appreciate with style of Humen bridge, from of freighter, enjoy with diffuse of floral, lush of green really of is a big enjoy. around environment is good, away from days Temple, puzhou Park, passenger Hong Kong is near, more than 10 minutes of away, has time can out around. lobby decoration simple atmosphere, room see to landscape also is beautiful, although set of mountain room still can see halfSide seaview, room decorations is has literary fan. just hotel location slightly partial, for since driving, has independent of parking, has hand guidelines parking, has order super convenient. heard has 10 years has, looks keep of still is good, special worth recommended. service personnel less, but attitude are is good. just Hotel held theme activities, live guest can free learning making chocolate, teaching of guy Shorty is carefully of explained, site of children is like, atmosphere Super rod, next aMust bring their children come to experience it. followed official QR, are also giving away a drink, really surprise a lot of ... ... Bauhinia self dinner taste is Rod, style also many, environment is good, price compared deal. Chinese Office tea style less, dining number more need, bit, but taste is are worth a try. also has invincible seaview of administrative wine Gallery, views Seaview glance Super praise! most most worth recommended of also is open swimming pool's, really of to saw see only know has more good,Clean, continuous heavy rain a few days ago is the most valuable cases, swimming pool water quality remains clear, swimming-view the best San Diego, only stayed one night, haven't had time to experience other facilities have gone, next time be sure to bring the whole family together to Nansha Grand Hotel.
  • Anne33
    All right
  • amdjj
    The hotel is a bit old, rooms are a little musty smell, somewhat wet room a quilt. other facilities good, pool was good, past at high speed, easy to get lost. the hotel buffet not much variety.
  • beibei0628
    That's no problem
  • aileen_xbx
    Staff very friendly, sea-view room is beautiful! breakfast expensive. room soundproofing isn't very good, opposite the House there is a guest of the quality is not very good at night talking loudly with the door open, was awakened. called customer service, quickly solved, great!
  • dijun
    Hotel comfort and good service attitude!
  • alwanna
    You can also, and often live
  • asaboy989602
    Sea view rooms nice and clean swimming pool water.
  • aya1225
    Very nice resort
  • felay
    OK, a bit
  • ficeny
    Which is very nice
  • joebj
    Environment is very good, pool was great
  • caca-star
    Overall feeling!
  • sammiwpn
    Great location, guests enjoy the hotel's view.